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London Taxi Cabs - airport transfers, tours, long journeys in a black cab

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London taxi cabs airport transfers, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton airport transferLondon taxi cabs accept credit card payment

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London taxi cabs. Taxi drivers in London have a reputation for being the best taxi drivers in the world. Always use a licensed London taxi for airport transfers, tours and long trips.

London taxi cabs, use a London taxi for airport transfers, Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, Stansted airport, Luton airport, tours, cruise ports, long journeys and weddings. All in a London black taxi cab.

London taxi cabs is a service which allows you to book a black taxi for your journey or tour knowing that it will be waiting for you, wherever your traveling from. Whether you want to go on a tour of London while on holiday or just be picked up, and taken to or from the airport, we will work around you. Always use a licensed London taxi cab.

No matter where you are going we will be able to get you there on time and in luxury. Our fully licensed taxis are the only vehicles that can use the fast bus lanes in London which help you get to your destination fast and on time. All of our taxis are wheelchair accessible and accept all major credit cards.

Use London taxi cabs for airport transfers, our taxis go to all major airports including tranfers from Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, Stansted airport, Luton airport, and City airport in a black cab.

If your going on a cruise then you will want to get to the cruise port in luxury. You want to get to that luxury cruise ship in comfort, so click the button below to get your cab quote.

Experience the famous black cab yourself by booking your journey today. You can travel in luxury with an air conditioned taxi and feel comfortable, and all at competitive prices. Remember always use a licesed London taxi cab.

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If you have lost property in a London taxi cab then please go to the TFL website.

Latest London Taxi News

London taxi driver found $17,000 on his back seat – then traced the owner
When Mustapha Chaima found a bag containing $17,000 in the back of his black cab, the last thing on his mind was to pocket an unexpected tip.

TfL Press Release – TfL's High Court injunction prevents Addison Lee from instructing its drivers to use bus lanes
Following a ruling from the High Court today (Thursday 26 April) Addison Lee is prevented from instructing or encouraging its drivers to drive in bus lanes and must remove the statement on its website instructing drivers to do so.

Ask taxi drivers
(CBS News) An essential tip for reporters who arrive in a strange country and need an instant briefing about current events - take a cab, ask the man at the wheel - because taxi drivers, the whole world over, always seem to have the answers.

Brain changes seen in cabbies who take 'The Knowledge'
The structure of a London taxi driver's brain changes during the gruelling process of learning the quickest way around the capital, scans reveal. Dozens of trainee drivers had MRI scans before and after they acquired "The Knowledge", memorising hundreds of journeys and street names.

London’s cabs still the world’s most popular, says survey
Their drivers may want to know a little more about your life than is really comfortable - and they always seem to have just taken someone really famous for a ride - but it seems London's taxis are still the best in the world.

Black Cab Future: Fuel-Cell Hybrid Prototype
The London Taxi is a symbol for all black cabs and a Fuel-Cell Hybrid prototype will be uncovered at London’s City Hall this Monday. Use of the London taxi consistently throughout the day without having to fill up would be advantageous, with the hydrogen fuel-cell system hybridized with lithium polymer batteries, exceeding 250 miles on a full tank of hydrogen, and reaching top speed of over 80 miles per hour, a black cab in the future is something we can all be glad about.

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